Fighting the inner technophobe

Solicitors are perhaps not renowned for embracing technology… renowned for slow progress, a Solicitors' office is a haven for noises such as a thick file smacking down on desks, or a printer constantly whirring away in the background, or, in some, the faint sound of a ribbon being changed.

For some, the golden age of shorthand and the typewriter is one which is sorely missed. Some things, however, aren’t missed: the lingering smoke appearing from behind a partners' door, or the faint whiff of asbestos coming from behind the window sill. Perhaps it is time for even Lawyers to embrace change.

For many Law firms, the introduction of fully integrated Client Management systems have baffled, bewildered and bamboozled staff. You know the story: the tech whizz comes in for a day and presses some buttons and all of a sudden documents are appearing and things are happening… all very exciting! Unfortunately, the next day, the button looks different, the screen has frozen and about 50 error messages later, you are cursing the tech whizz, the tech and with all the fruity language the office has gone a funny shade of blue.

In an effort to make the back office a bit more family friendly, the inner technophobe is being fought off. By working with staff to develop the new system, Seatons has seen an air of calmness in the office. After the initial introduction to the system, staff have been developing the system, testing it and in doing so making our lives much easier.

In a perfect world, computers, technology and integration systems would work seamlessly and there would be no need for this… However, in a perfect world, you would not need Lawyers… and we can’t have that!

Yes, the system still freezes from time to time, and the computer needs only get a funny look on a cold Tuesday to decide not to work, but after developing the tech know-how on site, fixing them, and de-bugging issues has become the work of minutes, not hours, less time and productivity is being lost and with the input in development from staff, the programme is truly tailor made. The result of all this work is that Seatons have a system which is a perfect fit, not one which has been manipulated to try and plug a square hole with a round pin. Adding to that, we are able to constantly develop, improve and evolve the system to suit our needs better.

The goal at Seatons is of course, to help Clients as best we can. We have found that the people that truly know how Seatons can evolve to do that are the staff themselves. If you would like to take advantage of our snazzy new fully integrated system, and have a legal problem, all our contact details are available on our website.

Or, if you are feeling old school, you can always write to us: 1 Alexandra Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 1PE.

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