Property finding service that helps you find and secure your next home

Rachel Johnston is the Regional Director for Stacks Property Search, a property finding service that helps you find and secure your next home.

I didn’t know it was ‘a real thing’!

“That’s often what I hear! Stacks is the country’s longest established Buying Agency, since 1984 – they were househunting, long before TV programmes like Location, Location, Location and Escape to the Country were broadcast. I’ve been helping clients in Northants, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire since 2012. Bucks is a more established market, but gradually the word is getting out there that it is not just a TV gimmick, but a valuable service, particularly for busy people, such as

business owners and senior managers, who have more important things to focus upon!”

Is it not ‘all online’ these days?

“The short answers are a)no, or b)too overwhelming!

Not all properties are on the property portals, and of course, a ‘picture can tell a thousand (misleading) words’! In addition, the portals only are as good as the information put in, so those with criteria that are a little bit different – perhaps you need storage for business, a shop front or a back office – can be easily missed.

The sheer volume of information can be daunting, but wading through that, having local knowledge to ask the right questions and avoid costly mistakes all allow our clients to focus on the good bits of a househunt – visiting properties that are true contenders, making an informed choice on a purchase, and moving in smoothly.

We’re usually hired for ‘the search’ but we actually do the background due diligence, the negotiation and manage the purchase process – nagging lawyers, finding surveyors, getting quotes from tradesmen, etc – all the way through to completion.”

Is it not for those for coming into the county?

“I won’t need to tell your readers that Northants is a good place to be a business owner – the amount of support for new and existing businesses is definitely a big draw to the area. However, there are many reasons why our clients come to us: distance is obviously an easy one to understand, but only 50% move more than 30 miles from their

current location.

As well as saving you time, effort and money, our relationships with the estate agents are vital in putting you ahead of the pack - by retaining a search agent, buyers actually demonstrate their credentials as purchasers ‘ready to go’: a vital asset in today’s market where stock is harder to come by and chains are more likely to collapse. We hear about property first, and are usually first in the door to view on your behalf.”

Are property finders not just for the very wealthy?

“In our time-strapped lives, we are all ready to use our earnings to ‘buy ourselves time’ to enjoy the fruits of our hard work without compromising on the quality of life for those most important to us. If an ironing service allows you time to watch your children’s football practice, or a PA arranges your diary and travel, then services previously considered luxuries – such as a search agent working on your behalf, not that of the seller – seem less luxurious and more like common sense.”

Contact Rachel for a free, no obligation chat about your property plans on 07502 406688, or on social media @stacksnorthants

Rachel Johnston - Regional Director for Stacks Property Search
Rachel Johnston - Regional Director for Stacks Property Search