Tailor your IT support contract

“It’s rare that you find exactly what you need, that’s why we tailor our service to our customers with a modular service and create one unique bespoke agreement.”

Stuart Knott, Managing Director

PCS have recently been focusing on building strong connections with local businesses, you’ve probably seen their quirky robot pop up at some point. The IT solutions company o ers a completely tailored service consisting of fully managed products and services.

Outsourcing IT can save businesses valuable time, money and resources. The option to outsource is a daunting one due to many fear factors. The team at PCS work alongside their customers to aid in the growth of their business and true to their branding, they are a friendly, approachable bunch.

The self-branded IT superheroes start by getting to know their customers. Whether it’s just one or several services you require, PCS will create a simple seamless service to meet your needs.

If your business is evolving or changing completely, PCS will be there with you every step of the way. If you need more, the team are happy to offer more. Think of them as part of your business.

Understanding the perfect balance between technical expertise and experience can be difficult when seeking an IT support company, so whether you need that extra pair of hands or a full-scale IT department, PCS have the tools that you need.

When there’re so many IT products and services on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Attempting to simplify these services and products is something PCS aim to do.

The managed services they have on o er have all been categorised into what they like to call the ‘product families’. These product families consist of Protect, Consult, Cloud, Assist and Support. This makes things a bit easier for you when figuring out what you need.

Once you have received a consultation with a member of PCS, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the services your business needs and more importantly, why you require the chosen services.

Outsourcing your IT can reap a host of hidden benefits. If you decide to outsource, you are fundamentally deciding to extend your IT department to a centralised team of IT experts. All your business-critical systems will be under the watchful eye of not one individual but a whole team of fully qualified professionals.