Talented Teams to nurture top talent

Carl Elsby, Director at Elsby & Co and Kate Smart, Director of Talented Teams
Carl Elsby, Director at Elsby & Co and Kate Smart, Director of Talented Teams

Elsby & Co Accountants and Business Advisors has launched ‘Talented Teams,’ a new service to provide companies with support in recruiting, retaining and rewarding the very best employees.

The initiative has been developed and led by Kate Smart, Director of Talented Teams and a champion of the belief that successful businesses are only as good as their people.

“The key to attracting the right recruits and advancing existing teams is to carefully analyse and forward-plan staffing needs, rather than simply reacting to short-term demands,” explains Kate.

“Many business leaders are unaware that while 33 per cent of their workforce are engaged, 64 per cent want to give more. Improving on this statistic is crucial for Northamptonshire firms to enhance their competitiveness.”

Kate, who has many years’ experience in recruiting and developing teams, continues: “We’re delighted to join forces with Elsby & Co to offer Talented Teams.

“Our friendly advisors are already helping Northamptonshire businesses analyse their training needs, implement effective development processes and identify and nurture top talent.”

The approach is enthusiastically supported by Carl Elsby, Founding Partner at Elsby & Co.

He adds: “Working with Kate’s guidance has enabled us to grow Elsby & Co’s people into a multi-talented and thriving team who are fully behind our ethos of helping businesses flourish.

“Over the past 25 years finding and keeping the right staff has been at the heart of our journey to become an award-winning Employer of Choice.”

Reception to Talented Teams is already proving highly positive as clients see the benefit of investing intelligently in their people.

For further information please contact: kate.smart@talentedteams.co.uk