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How can TRACK Support businesses within Northamptonshire?

One of TRACK’s key aims is to challenge the “We have always done things this way” culture in the workplace. By looking at things from a different perspective we can support you to not only achieve your own aims and objectives, but also to gain a competitive advantage by securing a diverse workforce. Microsoft in America have seen the benefits of replacing traditional interviews with extended work trials, and from this benefit from a range of unique skills which autistic employees bring with them. This solution won’t work for all, but we provide training to meet the needs of your organisation and come up with solutions which allow all employees to thrive.

One of our regular contributors pointed out that the skills can be wide ranging:

“I am surprised more companies don't take advantage of the accuracy associated with the spectrum. As I understand, its average accuracy in this type of work was 80%, and this raised up to 90-93% with careful selection process. The a-typical mind just can't maintain focusing on a task that can be boring for extended times like we can.”

Our training provides a before-during-after service, which means that we understand the needs and nature of your business, and training can then be personalised for your environment. We can support the development of autism ambassadors within your workplace who can then take forward the training ideas and implement them on a day in, day out business. On-going mentoring support can be supplied in person or electronically to allow employees to ask questions which they may feel uncomfortable asking to line managers or colleagues.

Employees who are having to mask their autism will be using up vast amounts of energy, trying to act in the way in which they believe they are expected too. If employees feel that they are in a workplace which is accepting of autism, they are far more likely to disclose their autism and instead of using their energy masking, they can use this to provide increased productivity and a unique and diverse look at the workplace. The training we provide can not only support the individual employees, but also the wider workforce by allowing them to understand how autism can be presented in the workplace, and how they can support their colleagues. It is estimated that 2.4 million people are affected directly by autism on a daily basis, and the chances are that members of your workforce may be directly or indirectly affected by autism.

The Sensory environment in your workplace is absolutely crucial to ensuring employees can fulfil their potential. “As for where I prefer to work, a busy office, structured social interaction and I can politely focus on my work if I'm not up for interacting much that day.” By listening to the needs of autistic employees not only can you find ways to reduce anxiety in the workplace but can also increase productivity.

“My love of repetition and obsession with accuracy I get from autism allowed me to triple the productivity of my colleagues while maintaining 100% accuracy over the 3 month period I got to do this kind of work."

Through adapting the environment, and not the person, we allow your employees to be at their most productive. Successful examples of changes made to workplaces have been the introduction of “interaction hours” during which colleagues can be open to more interaction, but outside of these hours are left to focus on their core tasks.

Another point of consideration is the type of job being advertised and recruited for. Many businesses may have jobs which they need filling but are reluctant to advertise, because they feel they may struggle to fill a position. For example, we were able to support transition to a permanent position which was 12 hours per week. This suited both the organisation and individual perfectly; for the individual this was the optimum number of hours which they wanted to work, and it supported the business at times when otherwise they may have struggled to cope with demand. A job doesn’t have to be 40 hours a week, 5 days a week. By looking at recruitment in a different way, we can support you to access a range of talented individuals.

By talking about Autism, we are starting to address the fact that just 16% of autistic adults find themselves in full-time employment. We can support your business, and would welcome the opportunity to design personalised training to maximise the potential of your employee.

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