A spectrum of opportunities

I see many different posts on social media about the changing nature of the workforce and workplace, and this fills me with excitement rather than fear. I am currently working with autistic individuals who possess a wide range of skills, but there is one thing which is constant – the desire to work. With small adaptations to the workplace, employers can benefit from employees who can look at things from a different perspective. We want to provide support for both employers and employees, so that every individual within an organisation can thrive.

Event: An Introduction to Autism in the Workplace

We are delighted to announce the first ever TRACK event which is an “Introduction to Autism in the workplace” morning. This will be taking place at the PTS Academy Stadium, Northampton Town Football Club, on Thursday 11th October.

What will it involve?

The event will include presentations from speakers looking at a range of topics including: an introduction to Autism, the benefits which autistic employees can bring to an organisation, supporting your employees and communication in the workplace amongst many other topics.

We will be providing practical strategies which can then be personalised to suit your workplace and shall also look at the additional support which is available to your business to allow your employees to fulfil their potential.

As well as the presentations and speakers, we will also be providing bacon rolls in the morning, and refreshments alongside the opportunity for networking. Questions are welcomed throughout and we will be looking to provide support on a practical level to support your business.

Who is it suitable for?

Businesses of any size, structure and industry are welcomed. You may have current employees who require some support, be looking to recruit new employees with a wide variety of skills or have a variety of vacancies available and are looking for a new way of doing things.

So far we have been speaking to businesses as small as 1 current employee, all the way through to organisations with 15,000+ employees, and this ranges from Craft Shops to F1 teams and beyond. The Autism Spectrum provides a wealth of potential opportunities across all industries. In America, Microsoft are embracing a new diverse workforce, and other companies are following suit across the world.

After the Event - How else can I get involved?

For some of the autistic individuals I have met with who are looking to access employment, one of the key questions they have is what a job actually involves. By this they ask what happens in these jobs on a day to bay basis. During the mentoring sessions I am starting to look at different jobs, venues and areas of employment and working through to narrow down a list of places where the mentee may or may not wish to work. These conversations give a brief insight into a job role, but we would love to develop that further to support the people we work with.

One of the key ways to learn about a workplace is to experience a job for an hour/day/week and we would love to hear from businesses who would be willing to host people for a short period of time so they could see if this job would be suitable for them. There may be small job roles within your business which need doing, and you may be thinking that the hours are not long enough to justify the role, but we have people who are looking to gradually increase their employment and a few hours a week to start with would be ideal.

Training and Consultancy

Our training sessions are personalised to your business and provide a before-during-after service to ensure that the training impact can be measured. We can provide introductory sessions through to workplace analysis, 1-2-1 mentoring through to policy writing, all of which is focussed on ensuring individuals, and therefore businesses, can fulfil their potential.