Video to DVD

Memories. They are sacred. We now live in a digital age where all our photos and videos are kept on memory sticks, on hard-drives or they’re posted on social media. But what about the photos and videos that we have hard copies of? Back in the day, there was no such thing as Digital and DSLR Cameras, iPhones and Digital Video Cameras.

If only there was a way you could retrieve all your old VHS footage and hard photography so that they will last forever…

Thankfully, there is.

Video to DVD are based in Daventry, Northamptonshire. They are experts when it comes to converting your precious memories not only from Video to DVD, but anything from videos, photos and cassette tapes. There is a risk nowadays of losing original copies of images, videos and music, therefore Video to DVD can ensure your precious memories get burnt straight to DVD’s, CD’s and more.

The whole idea started out as a hobby, where Tony Kent, Manager and Founder of Video to DVD started converting Videos to DVD’s for friends and family. Eventually, the demand for this started to increase, so he decided to turn it into a fully run professional business.

Video to DVD can promise to convert all your precious memories within 5 days of receipt. Everything is done in-house, so nothing gets sent elsewhere and you can be assured your memories will be kept safe and sound.

"There is nothing more exciting than seeing your old memories displayed in beautiful colour and brought to life. Customers who come to Video to DVD are usually looking for unique and memorable gifts to give to their loved ones. Imagine the reaction you will receive from your grandparents when you give them a copy of their wedding album as a milestone anniversary gift."

With so many reasons and occasions to convert photos and videos for gifts, now more than ever is the time to make sure your memories are treasured forever without risk of them going missing.

So what exactly can you get converted?

Video to DVD

Whether you’re a business or an individual looking to transfer your old videos to DVD, Video to DVD are the company for you. Cine films and VHS tapes can deteriorate over time and equipment for such movies are now becoming extinct, so if you have any old videos lying around in your loft; now is the time to save them before they get lost forever. Bring them into Video to DVD store and let their digital image specialists transfer such precious memories onto DVD so they can last longer, and you can enjoy them for years to come!

Hard Photos to DVD

It’s hard to remember a time when we had hard copies of photos; as they are either all on our iPhones, or they’re posted on Facebook for everyone to see. But sometimes, some memories are best kept to yourself. At Video to DVD, they offer a print to DVD service where you can get an exact copy of your original photo prints without the negative or digital copy.

There’s nothing worse than losing the original copy of images of family members and events; without back-ups, you run the risk of losing such memories forever. So don’t let your memories fade away.

Audio Cassette and Vinyl to CD

Do you remember the days of listening to an old-school cassette on a cassette player? Video to DVD’s professional Cassette to CD service can help you clear up space by condensing several tapes onto one CD or Audio File. If you’ve got old tapes that you can’t access, it’s time to make the cassette to CD switch with Video to DVD. Get back together with your memories.

Or perhaps you have a ton of old vinyls laying around from ‘the good old days’? You can now use Video to DVD’s professional Vinyl to CD converting service where they can copy all of your original Vinyl records onto a High-Quality Audio CD.

Direct digital dubbing ensures that your audio is never down converted and their Intelligent software discovers when audio starts and stop, determining tracks for an easy song and section navigation, every time.

Slideshows to DVD

If your projector doesn't work anymore but you still want to enjoy and share the memories contained in your old slides, then get the satisfaction of seeing your old slides displayed in vibrant colour once again with Video to DVD’s slideshow to DVD service.

Don’t leave them to gather dust in shoeboxes in your loft; get them converted and to be enjoyed by the whole family. Or if you’re an established business who has old slideshows from years ago, then old slides converted to a DVD can make for great #ThrowbackThursday content!

Whatever you need converting; Video to DVD can do it.

Video to DVD want to offer a bespoke service to everyone that walks through their door. What you will receive is a personal service which you will be 100% satisfied with every time.

If you’re looking for an easy, hassle free way of converting all your old memories to updated technology formats, then contact Video to DVD today.

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