Seeing is believing with new vue tv range from Print Data Solutions

Print Data Solutions has unveiled its latest service, vue tv, which incorporates a thin, high definition video screen into a printed brochure or business card. These premium-printed items can be personalised for precision targeting and are due to be exhibited at Marketing Week Live on 7-8 March at Olympia London.

Vue tv is the latest addition to the portfolio of the Wellingborough-based company which has 20 years’ experience of print management, design and merchandise. We went behind the scenes at the product launch and asked Scott Rendall, Commercial Director at Print Data Solutions why people should be excited about vue tv.

“We were really impressed with what the technology for video in print can achieve now. Sure enough, when we showed it to our clients, they loved it, and started to tell us their ideas for how they might use it straight away”, said Scott.

Scott Rendall, Commercial Director at Print Data Solutions
Scott Rendall, Commercial Director at Print Data Solutions

Isn’t video all happening online?

“Video marketing is set to be one of the biggest stories of 2018. The online space is a crowded market with many distractions and it is a real challenge to keep the thumb from scrolling. We know that a high proportion of videos are skipped online within the first five seconds. When a vue tv brochure arrives in front of them, with their name on the front cover, people are more likely to pay attention and watch it for longer.”

Why is personalisation important?

“Everyone enjoys receiving an item with their own name on it. The growth of personalisation in marketing increasingly means that people expect to receive information that is tailored specifically for them. We use ink or coloured metallic foil to add names to our printed items and they look really professional.”

How could I use vue tv to help my business?

"Some of our first orders for vue tv products were for purposes that we hadn’t thought about and the options really are endless. Our first thoughts were about how vue tv could make an impact as part of a marketing strategy. As well as the appeal of personalisation, video uses the power of the moving image with a soundtrack that creates an immediate emotional response. If you’ve already invested in creating an aspirational show reel for your brand, this is a way to make sure your most important clients have their own copy – with their name on it!

“Vue tv comes into its own in a live environment, and we think it works particularly well at trade shows and exhibitions. It’s always useful to have something on your stand that catches the eye and gives visitors a reason to pause and chat. As part of a pitch presentation, or to leave behind as a reminder, vue tv could be instrumental in helping you to win business and secure contracts.

You describe vue tv as a premium product; is it affordable for all businesses?

“Absolutely. We’ve built sustainable relationships to achieve efficient manufacturing costs so we’re able to keep the cost competitive for all. And on our two most popular products, the Ultimate and Pocket, we are not imposing any minimum order quantity, so the product suits all budgets, whether you want to target a few, potentially valuable clients, or make an impact on a wider audience. If you’re ordering 50 or fewer from this range, we can personalise them and deliver them within a very short lead time of just five days, from the approval of artwork. It’s much more affordable than you might think.”

Is vue tv available in more than one size?

“We’re currently offering four different sizes – Pocket (105x60mm), Lite (A6), Ultimate (A5) and Grand (A4). Depending on order quantities, we can offer an express service for the Pocket and Ultimate products that includes personalisation. Alternatively, you can order higher quantities of any size, have them delivered to you, or keep them in stock at PDS to be personalised as and when you need them. Vue tv can also be incorporated into point of sale and packaging materials. It is a technology that is very flexible, so I would encourage anyone who is interested to contact the team and discuss the options.”

How does a vue tv product work and what does it look like?

"All of our video brochures are produced with either a soft back or hard back cover along with a soft touch laminate. The recipient’s name can be printed on the front cover using inks or metallic foils which really stand out. The vue tv screen has a pin-sharp resolution, a full viewing angle and stereo sound, so it’s just like watching a mini HD TV. Video starts to play automatically as soon as the item is opened. You have nearly an hour of playing time and the 1GB memory can incorporate multiple videos. The battery lasts two hours and is fully rechargeable.”

We don’t have a video ready to use – can you help?

“Yes; vue tv can make use of existing video but if you don’t have anything ready, our in-house studio team can transform PowerPoint presentations into engaging animations, or manage a short advert production. If you brief an idea in to our creative team, they will be able to suggest the best way of bringing your brand to life in video.

“Because PDS offers a full range of services, including specialised print and packaging, complementary merchandise, and bespoke fulfilment and delivery, we can manage your vue tv project from concept to completion.”

Talk to a member of the vue tv team to discuss your project by calling 01933 672150 or visit the website: