Wake up and smell the coffee…

If you work in an office, how long does it typically take you to make a coffee or tea round? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Maybe even more?

The coffee and tea round is a crucial part to the everyday work life. But it can be time-consuming when you’re responsible for making the coffee and tea round for everyone, especially when one person wants a black coffee, another one wants two sugars in their tea and so on…

Imagine if there was a way you could save time and money on ensuring your refreshment needs are covered in the office.

Liquid Culture can provide you with the optimum refreshment solution. They understand how refreshments can be a vital part of a working day, but they also understand how time-consuming and costly this can be.

From buying a constant supply of milk, sugar, tea bags and coffee, to the amount of time spent on making everyone’s beverage - it all adds up and it stops you from focusing on what matters.

So what can Liquid Culture offer your workplace to save on the tedious coffee and tea round making…

Coffee vending

Imagine receiving a coffee or other hot beverage from a click of a button? Liquid Culture have a variety of coffee vending machines available. Liquid Culture’s award-winning floor standing larger machines, such as the Sigma Touch and Sigma Simplicity are their go-to vending coffee machines because it gives a complete beverage choice at the press of a button. From cappuccino, to freshbrew tea, see your drink being made between 10-15 seconds! Plus, the Sigma’s can come with a screen to show promotional messages or company logos and the Sigma Touch is a full touch screen menu that can also play videos and sound.

Bean to Cup

Liquid Culture’s Bean to Cup machines are not only convenient, but they’re the perfect size to fit in any office, meeting room or warehouse. From a click of a button, choose your refreshment, insert a cup and watch your refreshment be made for you in seconds. Imagine this. It takes roughly 2 minutes for a kettle to boil. With a Bean to Cup machine, it takes a matter of seconds to prepare. Now that’s refreshing!

The Brew Box

Liquid Culture are proud to offer their own premium and brilliant touch screen vending machine. It’s compact and tidy tower means it’s not only suitable for the workplace, but everything is built in and it can provide a fantastic revenue stream and they can be branded with a company logo and even include a display screen for advertising messages, so it’s completely bespoke to you.

The Brew Box is not only good for coffee lovers; it also brings real benefits to businesses looking for an alternative way to provide hot drinks

Ingredients and servicing

As part of the service, Liquid Culture can provide you with the ingredients you need to keep your coffee vending machine topped up and always fueled and ready to go. Liquid Culture can provide you with the ingredients your clients and employees want the most from their vending or bean to cup machine.

If you have 10 employees who prefer a certain brand of tea, or likes vanilla syrup in their coffee, Liquid Culture can set up a standing order to ensure your tea supply is always topped up, so you will never run low.

Keeping your coffee machine in good condition is imperative for your business. Therefore, Liquid Culture’s engineers possess over 25 years of experience and can help with any query you may have.

Never take ages making another coffee and tea round ever again! With Liquid Culture’s simple, cost-effective and hassle-free refreshment solutions from a click of a button, you will be ‘full of beans!’

If you’re looking for an easy solution to your office or warehouse refreshment needs, look no further than Liquid Culture. Call them on 01933 670999 or visit: