Wallis Payroll

Wallis Payroll are a payroll processing and consultancy company based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire who are, believe it or not, passionate about payroll.

All Things Business spoke with Andi Herrington, Director of Payroll Services at Wallis Payroll about the beginnings of Wallis Payroll, what they provide and why businesses should choose Wallis Payroll for their payroll requirements...

Tell us where Wallis Payroll came from and what services you offer?

Having spent 15 years working as both an employee of a payroll provider and on the other side of the table as a customer, I felt I had experienced both the highs and lows of working with an outsourced payroll partner. With this experience, I felt that I could do a MUCH better job. I set up Wallis Payroll three years ago to provide the same level of payroll expertise to Micro and SME employers as that afforded to large organisations who have an in-house team or use one of the large payroll bureaus who cater for high volume employers.

Along with my business partner, we wanted to do something different, something more personal yet professional where it would feel that we are part of a customer's team providing payroll processing solutions, giving customers the confidence to manage the growth and development of their business while we manage their payroll.

Could you tell us more about your Payroll Processing service?

We provide weekly, fortnightly, lunar and monthly Payroll Processing to businesses with as few as one employee up to those with a few hundred employees. All the client needs to do is provide us with details of the employee’s hours, permanent changes and bonus amounts. We will do everything else ensuring that all boxes are ticked from liaising with HMRC to providing electronic reports and payslips to employees, (though we still have some who like paper). It’s that simple!

We provide all of our customers with a dedicated payroll specialist who will work with them on a day to day basis, but all our customers are comfortable in the knowledge that a 100% double check is carried out by another member of the team before being submitted to HMRC or the business. Our payroll specialists are able to answer all questions that our customers have, whether it’s around statutory payments or holiday entitlement on a zero hours contract, there are very few questions we have not had before and if there are we have plenty of resources available to find out the right solution for the customer.

Could you tell us more about your Consultancy Service?

Although our business started providing payroll processing services, we found we were being asked more and more about providing one off support to large organisations throughout the UK. The consultancy we provide is either onsite at the client's location or provided remotely depending on the need.

Because our consultants have worked with many of the different payroll applications on the market, we are in a unique position to support customers providing quality support at often a fraction of the cost of the large payroll providers.

In the past, we have supported customers with emergency payroll cover, providing customised training to payroll and HR teams and review of processes including mini audits. On one occasion, identifying incorrect system set up for leaver payments saving a customer over £30k.

What makes you different and why should businesses come to you for their payroll requirements?

We are one of a kind within the Northamptonshire and East Midlands areas. This is due to our vast knowledge of different industries and many years experience within payroll as we are the go to people for all things payroll. No matter how last minute you require our services, you can rely on us every time - because that’s the Wallis Payroll way.

We cover the whole of Northamptonshire and beyond for both payroll processing and consultancy, so anything to do with payroll, we can help!

Not only will we give you a cost effective solution we are experts in what we do which will save your business valuable time and money! What could be better?

Could you do with a payroll expert on your side? If so, contact Wallis Payroll for a no obligation conversation on 01933 409488 or visit www.wallispayroll.co.uk. Or you can email info@wallispayroll.co.uk.