Why nurturing your employees’ wellbeing is essential for good business

Your employees’ mental health is a business asset. Their wellbeing impacts performance, productivity, and profits.

Mental health problems are the leading cause of workplace absence in the UK and result in 70 million work days being lost annually, costing employers £2.4 billion.*

The case for creating a culture where mental health and staff wellbeing is valued, protected, nurtured and improved is clear. With stress being cited as one of the great public health challenges of our time and a significant factor in mental health problems, it’s time for businesses to consider how to help their employees to de-stress – from the boardroom to the frontline.

One business helping local companies to do just that is Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Stony Stratford, which specialises in yoga, pilates and mindfulness meditation. Its teachers work with local businesses – including Volkswagen, Easyjet and Nissan and national companies such as, British Gypsum and Google – to offer corporate wellbeing sessions, tailored to meet each company’s needs.

Before you dismiss yoga and mindfulness as "faddy", consider that both Prince Charles and Public Health England CEO Duncan Selbie are very vocally advocating its benefits and have put it forward as a way to relieve pressure on the NHS. There is nothing ‘hippy’ about it.

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from 13-19 May 2019, it could be time to consider new ways to support your employees.

Deborah Berryman, Yoga Teacher and Studio Director, said: “Our corporate yoga and mindfulness classes promote wellness, team spirit and vitality within your company. Our programmes focus on reducing stress, relieving body tension, and boosting energy and motivation. But the benefits of mindfulness and yoga overall are far wider than that. It can reduce absenteeism, improve creativity, concentration and memory, and increase productivity.”

Whether you want to give your employees a positive start to the day, the chance to de-stress in their lunch hour, or help them unwind after a busy day, a short yoga or mindfulness class once or twice a week can help lift spirits and help you maintain high performance in your business.

“The evidence is there,” said Deborah.

“Nurturing your employees’ wellbeing through yoga and mindfulness will bring you all the business benefits of a healthier, happier and more engaged workforce.”

Whitespace Yoga and Wellbeing Studio has been the number one wellbeing provider in Milton Keynes for over 8 years, offering over 55 classes each week- suitable for all levels. The studio is a hidden gem nestled in the peaceful town of Stony Stratford - tucked away in one of the beautiful, character buildings, bringing an immediate calming influence on the mind.

Whitespace offer Studio discounts as part of Corporate Wellbeing packages, as well as bespoke onsite wellbeing packages. Find out more or contact Whitespace Studio by calling 01908 566610 or visiting www.whitespacestudio.co.uk/yoga-work