Use flexible working as a chance to champion wellbeing

Flexible working is undoubtedly the current ‘hot topic’ in employment and a dream come true for many workers. Many of the biggest names in business believe the traditional 9-5 is on its way out, and with 60% of UK employees recently surveyed* voicing that this structure no longer works for them balancing life in and out of work – is it time for a national rethink towards flexible working?

There is a vast amount of research for flexible workplace models that above all highlight they provide employees time to switch off and recuperate which results in happier, healthier and more productive employees – all which helps maintain high performance within a business.

Flexible working provides the opportunity to champion better self-care and mental wellbeing for employees, as this can often get overlooked when business demands are high. Sometimes it’s not about flexible working from home or moving to work a shorter week. Instead, having the opportunity to focus on your health by exercising mid-morning, at lunchtime, or leaving early once a week to do an evening yoga class can enhance positive wellbeing.

Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Stony Stratford – the number one wellbeing provider in Milton Keynes for over 8 years - have seen a rise in professional people practising yoga, pilates and mindfulness meditation as part of workplace wellness to reduce stress, calm the mind and feel fit and healthy.

Deborah Berryman, Yoga Teacher and Studio Director, said:

“We’re all moving at 100mph and the reality is the pace of life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. We’ve worked closely with businesses over the years and seen those who implement smart wellbeing policies, improve staff morale, retention and performance. Something as simple as flexible working hours is a cost-effective way to help support today’s overwhelmed employees and help boost business performance”.

“If you’re looking for support with your wellbeing agenda, we’re here to help. We offer Corporate packages – either onsite wellbeing sessions as well as employee discounts for the 55 classes we run here at the studio. Whatever you need, Whitespace are here to support you.”

Looking for a Staff Incentive? Whitespace Studio can offer your staff the benefits of yoga, pilates and mindfulness with 2 weeks unlimited wellbeing classes for £20.

Find out more at or contact the studio on 01908 566610.