Building and maintaining your brand seminar

In a crowded global market, were constantly being told how important a strong brand is to stand out from the crowd. Even where a business has had a lot of success, they may need to focus on their branding to take success to the next level. Wood IP - Intellectual Property specialists have collaborated with Red Giraffe - Adaptive Web Design specialists, All Things Business, a business publication dedicated to Northamptonshire, and Claire McTernan - The UK's Only Expert in Sustainable Growth for Service Businesses to offer a seminar focused on building and maintaining your brand.

Joe Gilbert from Red Giraffe will be presenting “The hidden messages your website says about your brand”.

Everyday businesses around the globe waste thousands of pounds on ineffective websites, that fail to engage visitors and portray your brand in a negative light. Joe’s presentation will show you how to effectively engage your customers, communicate a positive brand image, and convert visitors into leads.

Joe’s presentation will include:

- How to create a delightful user experience on your website that portrays your brand in a positive light;

- What your photos say about your brand and how to choose pictures that engage your visitors;

- Why you must place your customer at the heart of the story in order to successfully get them on board.

Ben Thomas from All Things Business will be presenting "advice and guidance on how to maximise your brand online and in print."

Ben's presentation will include:

- What is great content?

- How to present your content?

- How to get coverage online and in print for free!

Aaron Wood from Wood IP will be presenting “Protecting and benefiting from your intellectual property”.

Statistics from Forbes estimate that over 80% of a company’s value is within its Intellectual Property. However many businesses fail to think about their Intellectual Property until they have an issue. By considering Intellectual Property from the start, businesses can improve their chances of outstanding success.

Aaron’s presentation will include:

- Identifying the parts of your business that can be protected;

- Discover the benefits of protecting your rights, and the damages of being unaware of ignoring the rights of others;

- Making the most of your intellectual property.

Claire McTernan will be presenting “Your Brand goes beyond Your Marketing”

Every touch point you have with your prospects and clients needs to sing the positive values of your company. Does yours?

Is every client getting the same quality experience? Are you worried growth will mean a reduction in the quality your clients can expect? Claire will explain how to successfully & sustainably scale your business without compromising on the quality of the overall client experience.

Claire’s presentation will include:

- Customer touchpoints (customer journey through your business);

- Delighting your customer;

- Embodying your business values;

- Scaling without compromising – how to increase throughput without decreasing quality or experience;

- Measuring the results without death by numbers;

- Keeping your eye on the prize (importance of business goals).

Join us on Thursday 27th September from 9.30am to 1pm at the Holiday Inn Express Northampton off Junction 15 of the M1 for this informative seminar, and to network with likeminded businesses.

To book, visit If you require any further assistance please contact Anna at Wood IP