Milton Keynes’ drink and drug driving conviction rate revealed

MoneySuperMarket, the insurance comparison website, recently analysed the 6.4 million quotes given on the website for car insurance in the year to date to 31st October 2019, in order to find the combined drink and drug driving conviction rate per 1,000 drivers across the UK.

Whilst the analysis from the website deals with a relatively large number of quotes prefaced on the basis that drivers are obliged to tell prospective insurers about any convictions they have, it should be recognised that the results cannot be relied upon as a quantitative assessment or taken to be entirely accurate.

However, the results do give an interesting look at the neighbourhoods we all live and work in. Across the MK postcode region, covering both Milton Keynes and Bedford, almost one in a thousand people (0.99) included a drink or drug driving conviction on their insurance quotation application, with the MK13 region of Milton Keynes having the highest rate in the town, with 2.20 people per thousand revealing a drink or drug driving conviction.

Nathan Taylor - Solicitor
Nathan Taylor - Solicitor

To find how your own local area compares, an interactive map can be found by visiting the Moneysupermarket website.*

Nathan Taylor-Allkins, of Woodfines Solicitors’ specialist Motoring Offences team, says: “Whilst searching for your area might seem like a bit of fun, the dangers of drink and drug driving cannot be overstated and the offences continue to plague our roads, and can lead to disastrous consequences. A further MoneySuperMarket poll recently found that one fifth (19%) of drivers said they have definitely driven while over the limit – either intentionally or unintentionally – while 12% admitted they thought they may have done so a few times. This mindset needs to change to keep our roads, and its users, safe.”

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